Quality Control

Ecostroy LLC pays a special attention to the quality of the performed works during the process of project designing, constructing and supporting throughout all the stages till their completion. The company meets Customers to the compliance of the works results with the building specifications, rules and technical regulations. Thanks to the professional staff and quality control the company has gained the reputation of being a highly-qualified representative in construction industry.

A system of practices for quality control:

  • the existence of the Quality Management System;
  • adjustments in the internal and the rapid response to the changes in the governmental and international standards regulating documents;
  • the strict quality control of delivered materials and supporting documents;
  • the heavy demands on subcontracting;
  • continuous staff develooment.

The company’s quality priorities:

  • to improve the efficiency in the current quality system based on the standard requirements:
  • to improve services in the Quality Management System
  • quality as a fundamental criterion in the Company’s performance