Design Work

There are 7 highly-qualified specialists in the design company Ecostroy LLC that can perform works of any complexity. The design team comprises specialists who cover all necessary design parts. Company’s staff constantly takes upgrading courses and attends upgrading seminars. The licence software improves the efficiency of designing, enables the project bereau to make changes in documents and ensures high quality and tight deadlines of performed works.

Types of works performed:

1. Draft design;
2. General design:
– design notes;
– planned land scheme;
– architectural concepts;
– volume-planning concepts;
– Information about egineering equipment, networks of engineering facilities etc;
– Building site organization scheme;
– List of measures for enviromental protection;
– List of measures for fire safety;
– Measures for civil defense and emergency situation.
3. Architectural supervision.
The company has a 3D simulation and agreement division to achieve a synergistic effect during designing and constructing large-scale industrial projects.

Our experience enables us to define gaps in different parts of project that is in draft, possible challenges connected with future construction and completion. The full automation of design process and collaboration methods of 3 D CAD system can define and correct gaps and mistakes appeared in the process of design.

Types of works:

3D simulation of different industrial projects to find prospective intersections in building units with existed and desgned networks.
Control of complince of decisions taken in the project documents on “paper” 3D model.
Comments issuance.
3D simulation of sections: architectural and construction concept/architectural drawing, basic design/detailed design, reinforced-concrete structures, heating and blowing system, water supply and sewage, electrical equipment, electric lighting.
3D simulation of technological network projects (compressed air, cold supply system, fuel lines, etc) and the issuance of comments and suggestions for improving the project in a whole.
3D simulation of industrial equipment, contribution links and dimensions capacity equipment in existed and planned project.
3D architectural visualization of interiors and exteriors of industrial facilities in accordance with 2D documents developed by the customer or third-party contractors for design and other purposes.