General Contracting

Ecostroy LLC is a general contractor that integratedly constructs its projects.
As a general contractor the company pays a special attention to the control of highly-qualified construction, the quality of technologies, materials and equipment used during construction.

Our company performs the following works:

  • Preparation of documents necessary for the beginning iof construction;
  • Works on the area of building in accordance with project and regulation documents;
  • Building and assembly works, finish works;
  • Tendering at subcontracted organizations’ choice for jobs and subcontractor’s conclusion of treaties;
  • Coordination and control of subcontractors’ works;
  • Monitoring of construction budjet in frames of the confirmed cost sheet;
  • Purchase, delivery to a building area and a material storage;
  • Energy, transport and communication services on a building area;
  • Taking measures for enviromental protection, occupational, work and fire safety;
  • In complince with regulatory authorities construction sequence and its observation;
  • Ensuring of safetiveness, living conditions, technologies, materials and equipment.

Our gained experience enables us:

  • to use resources as our owns as partners’ ones;
  • to calculate possible risks maximum accuracy;
  • to correctly choose suppliers and subcontractors;
  • to control every stage of work thoroughly;
  • to meet deadlines.